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Top 20 Mobile App Affiliate Programs for 2023: Exclusive Insights and Opportunities

October 17, 2023

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In the realm of digital marketing, mobile applications hold an empire of their own. As we step into 2023, the mobile app industry’s expansion continues to accelerate, promising lucrative avenues for affiliate marketers. Amidst this growth, we present an astute compilation of the 20 best mobile app affiliate programs in 2023, offering profound insights for marketing professionals eager to carve a niche in this dynamic landscape.

1. Google Play Store: The Gateway to Diverse Apps

The Google Play Store stands as a colossus in the digital world, hosting a myriad of applications accessible to billions. Its affiliate program, though shrouded in ambiguity regarding commission specifics, opens a channel for affiliates to potentially earn by promoting an extensive range of apps and digital content.

Commission: Variable
Cookie Duration: Not Specified

2. Apple App Store: Harnessing the Ecosystem of Apple

Contrary to popular belief, the Apple App Store extends a rather clandestine affiliate program. While it doesn’t reward affiliates for app sales or downloads, promoters can earn commissions by directing users to Apple Music, Apple News+, and Apple Books, tapping into a diverse audience base.

Commission: Estimated at 2%
Cookie Duration: Not Specified

3. Microsoft 365: Empowering Modern Productivity

Microsoft 365, transcending its traditional office suite persona, offers a cloud-centric workspace accessible across devices. The affiliate program, managed by Rakuten Marketing, rewards up to $15 per sign-up, presenting an attractive offer given Microsoft’s global corporate and individual user base.

Commission: Up to $15 per sale
Cookie Duration: 30 days

4. ExpressVPN: Championing Online Privacy

In an era where digital privacy is a coveted luxury, ExpressVPN emerges as a critical necessity. The app’s affiliate program recognizes this trend, offering commissions up to $36 per sale. Its universal relevance makes it an attractive promotion, catering to the ever-growing number of privacy-conscious users.

Commission: Up to $36 per sale
Cookie Duration:
30 days

5. Swiftic: Revolutionizing Customer Loyalty

As customer loyalty programs permeate the business world, Swiftic provides a compelling solution for businesses lacking technical prowess. Their affiliate program compensates up to $150 per sale, appealing particularly to affiliates with an audience in the small business and entrepreneurial sectors.

Commission: Up to $150 per sale
Cookie Duration: To Be Confirmed

6. InboxDollars: Simplifying Earnings for Everyday Tasks

InboxDollars, with its unique proposition of paying users for routine online activities, sports a referral program where promoters earn based on their referrals’ earnings. This approach, while deviating from conventional affiliate structures, resonates with a broad spectrum of online consumers.

Commission: 30% of referral’s earnings
Cookie Duration: Not Applicable

7. Instamobile: Streamlining Mobile App Creation

Addressing the technical challenges many businesses face, Instamobile offers comprehensive tools for effortless app development. The affiliate program benefits with a 30% commission, targeting audiences seeking simplified app development solutions.

Commission: 30%
Cookie Duration:
30 days

8. Personal Capital: Navigating Financial Wellness

Personal Capital has emerged as a beacon for those striving for financial health. The app’s affiliate offer, with up to $100 per sign-up, is lucrative for affiliates, given the universal relevance of financial planning and management tools.

Commission: Up to $100 per sign-up
Cookie Duration: 30 days

9. Blinkist: Encapsulating Wisdom in Minutes

Blinkist caters to the time-conscious, knowledge-thirsty demographic, condensing hours of content into bite-sized insights. The program offers a 20% commission, appealing especially to affiliates with audiences devoted to continuous learning and personal development.

Commission: 20%
Cookie Duration:
30 days

10. Coinbase: A Forerunner in the Cryptocurrency Arena

Coinbase, a celebrated platform in the cryptocurrency domain, extends its reach through an affiliate program. Affiliates earn a hefty 50% of the referred clients’ fees, making it a high-yield option considering the booming cryptocurrency market.

Commission: 50% of referees’ fees for the first three months
Cookie Duration:
30 days

Leveraging Opportunities in the Mobile App Sphere

The diversity of these mobile app affiliate programs underscores the vast potential that lies within this digital sector. From tech giants like Google and Apple to services transforming personal finance management, each platform offers unique, profitable opportunities for affiliates to harness.

As the digital landscape evolves, staying ahead of these trends is not just beneficial; it’s imperative for success in affiliate marketing. Therefore, integrating these mobile app affiliate programs into your strategy could very well be the stepping stone to your next success story in the ever-competitive affiliate marketing arena.

This diagram shows
The Affiliate’s Journey:

This diagram illustrates the continuous journey of an affiliate marketer, emphasizing the cyclical nature of strategizing, promoting, earning, analyzing, and optimizing, which are crucial for sustained success in the competitive realm of affiliate marketing.

Certainly, here are 10 additional insightful points to expand your understanding of mobile app affiliate programs, enhancing the scope beyond the initial article:

11. Adobe Creative Cloud

The realm of digital artistry and content creation is virtually dominated by Adobe Creative Cloud. This suite of applications, covering everything from graphic design to video editing, appeals to a broad spectrum of professionals and hobbyists. Their affiliate program is a goldmine, as subscribers are often long-term, recognizing the software’s indispensability.

Adobe Creative Cloud Affiliate Program
Commission: Earn 85% of the customer’s first month subscription fee or 8.33% of the customer’s annual subscription fee.
Cookie Duration: 30 days

12. Duolingo

Language learning has taken a front seat in personal development trends, and Duolingo leads with a gamified approach. This mobile app’s affiliate program is ideal for content creators focused on education, lifestyle, or travel niches, providing a commission for every referred subscriber.

Duolingo Affiliate Program
Commission: Variable
Cookie Duration: 30 days

13. Headspace

Mindfulness and mental health awareness are on the rise, and Headspace offers solutions in this sector. The app provides meditation and mindfulness resources, making its affiliate program perfect for those in the health and wellness sectors.

Headspace Affiliate Program
Commission: Variable, based on the subscription model
Cookie Duration: 30 days

14. Spotify

Almost synonymous with music streaming, Spotify holds a vast market share with diverse demographics, making it a lucrative affiliate partnership. Their program benefits affiliates with a commission for each premium subscription, appealing to a massive audience of music enthusiasts.

Spotify Affiliate Program
Commission: Based on the user acquiring a premium subscription
Cookie Duration: 30 days

15. TaskRabbit

For affiliates in the home improvement or service sectors, TaskRabbit connects users with local professionals for various tasks. The affiliate program rewards for each task booked and completed through the app, tapping into the gig economy’s potential.

TaskRabbit Affiliate Program
Commission: Fixed rate for each task booked
Cookie Duration: 30 days

16. Evernote

In the productivity space, Evernote is a giant, providing note-taking and organization tools. Its affiliate program offers commissions for each premium sign-up, ideal for niches focused on business, productivity, or organizational content.

Evernote Affiliate Program
Commission: Variable, with bonuses for premium subscriptions
Cookie Duration: 30 days

17. Grammarly

Grammarly, a writing assistant app, is invaluable for professionals, students, and anyone producing written content. The affiliate program has substantial payouts for new sign-ups, with bonuses for high performance.

Grammarly Affiliate Program
Commission: Earn $0.20 for every free registration and $20 for every premium upgrade
Cookie Duration: 90 days

18. Audible

A haven for book lovers, Audible’s vast library of audio books offers commissions for every free trial, making it a favorite among book review bloggers and content creators in the education sector.

Audible Affiliate Program
Commission: Fixed rate for each free trial initiated
Cookie Duration: 24 hours

19. Tinder

In the online dating sphere, Tinder’s affiliate program could be a profitable venture, considering the app’s popularity. Affiliates in the relationship and lifestyle spaces can earn commissions for driving app installs.

Tinder Affiliate Program
Commission: Based on app installs and/or subscription upgrades
Cookie Duration: Variable

20. UberEats

Capitalizing on the surge in food delivery services, UberEats affiliates earn commissions for each order placed by a new customer, making it an appetizing opportunity for those in the food, lifestyle, or review sectors.

UberEats Affiliate Program
Commission: Variable per new customer order
Cookie Duration: 7 days

These mobile app affiliate programs diversify the opportunities for affiliates, tapping into various sectors like mental health, language learning, service booking, and food delivery, showcasing the affiliate marketing world’s vast potential. Each program has unique offerings, commission structures, and cookie durations, underscoring the need for affiliates to align choices with their audience’s interests.

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