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Top 25 Mobile App Ad Networks and Platforms in 2023

October 17, 2023

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In today’s digital landscape, mobile applications are a nexus of user engagement and revenue generation. Among the myriad of monetization strategies, in-app advertising stands out as a robust method, empowering app developers and publishers with consistent revenue streams. This comprehensive guide delves into the top 15 mobile app ad networks and platforms, accentuating their unique offerings and solidifying your understanding of in-app advertising tools as of 2023.

1. AdMob by Google: Redefining In-App Advertisements

AdMob stands at the forefront as an expansive mobile ad network under Google’s reputable banner. It not only facilitates the integration of in-app advertisements but also equips you with actionable insights, a testament to its intuitive and user-friendly interface. Its global support for multiple currencies broadens your monetization horizons, ensuring worldwide reach.

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2. Meta Audience Network: Monetize With Precision

Previously known as Facebook’s Audience Network, Meta Audience Network continues the legacy, enabling you to monetize iOS or Android apps efficiently. Requiring just an app on prominent app stores and a Facebook account, it offers global operational capabilities and champions a hands-on approach to ad monetization, streamlining the setup process for swift revenue generation.

3. Amazon Publisher Services: Elevating Publishing Dynamics

Succeeding the deprecated Amazon Mobile Ad Network, Amazon Publisher Services (APS) introduces an innovative ad ecosystem. The APS SDK serves as a gateway to Amazon’s affluent demand, inviting diverse buyers to compete for your ad space, thereby escalating CPMs and augmenting revenue. Its triad of services caters to publishers of varying scales, enhancing accessibility.

4. MoPub By Twitter: A Symphony Of Ads And Analytics

MoPub, a global contender by Twitter, caters to developers with its sophisticated ad solutions, including Interstitials, Native, Rewarded, and Banner ads. Its unique proposition lies in network-supported instances, promoting optimal bid strategies and comprehensive analytics, fortified with responsive technical support.

5. Unity Ads: Game Monetization, Simplified

Unity Ads garners acclaim as the quintessential ad solution for mobile gaming applications. It pioneers Lifetime Value (LTV) optimization and supports cross-platform functionality (Android and iOS). Its diverse ad formats, including AR, playable, and video ads, align with varied user engagements, supported by multiple currency transactions.

6. Yahoo App Publishing: Beyond Conventional Monetization

Yahoo App Publishing presents a dual advantage: access to a plethora of premium Yahoo Gemini advertisers and integration with Flurry Analytics. It accommodates various ad formats, ensuring your app’s monetization is complemented by profound user insights.

7. AppLovin: A Global Monetization Canvas

AppLovin transcends standard practices by connecting with over 2 billion devices worldwide. Real-time analytics accompany its support for multiple ad types, enhancing user engagement through interactive content and ensuring you stay abreast of performance metrics.

8. Media.Net: Contextual Advertising Perfected stands distinguished as a colossal advertising entity, pioneering the “display to search” advertising format. Its forte lies in serving contextual, display, and native ads, tailoring content to user behavior and preferences, thereby optimizing engagement.

9. Tapjoy: Monetization Meets User Rewards

Tapjoy innovates the in-app advertising experience by offering users virtual currencies for engaging with ads, an approach that enhances user interaction and retention. It supports diverse ad formats and platforms, ensuring versatility in monetization strategies.

10. AdColony: Engaging Users With High-Definition Ads

AdColony resonates with quality and engagement, offering high-definition video ads and interactive content. Its technology emphasizes premium user experiences, fostering higher engagement rates and, consequently, lucrative monetization opportunities.

11. Epom Apps: Simplifying Ad Management

Epom Apps unites with top-tier mobile ad networks globally, promising high demand and competitive rates for developers. Its standout feature is its simplicity; upon SDK integration, Epom takes the helm of ad management, channeling efforts towards automated monetization.

12. StartApp: Personalizing Advertisement Engagement

StartApp is synonymous with innovation, offering unique ad units that command user attention. Its smart targeting capitalizes on user preferences, ensuring high eCPMs and fill rates, thereby maximizing revenue potential through personalized advertisements.

13. Fyber: Next-Gen Monetization For Mobile Games

Fyber heralds a new era in mobile game monetization, blending a vast advertiser base with cutting-edge ad technology. Its prowess lies in intelligently connecting ad formats with user segments, optimizing revenue streams for game developers.

14. IronSource: Comprehensive Monetization Solutions

IronSource broadens your monetization scope with support for multiple mobile platforms and diverse ad formats. Its network, notably large for in-app video ads, promises extensive reach and effective engagement, bolstering overall revenue.

15. Appodeal: Maximizing Revenue Through Mediation

Appodeal shines by prioritizing developers and publishers. It diverges from conventional networks, operating solely as a mediation platform. This unbiased stance, coupled with access to multiple revenue sources, places your earnings at the forefront, free from conflicting interests.

16. Vungle: High-Performance Advertising Platform

Vungle stands out as a premium advertising platform renowned for its creative approach and excellence in performance marketing. With a focus on in-app, high-resolution video ads, Vungle excels in capturing user attention, thereby driving both engagement and conversions. The platform’s advanced user acquisition strategies ensure that the ads are not just compelling but also placed strategically to appeal to the target audience, enhancing the overall user experience. The analytics suite offers comprehensive insights, enabling app developers to tweak campaigns for maximum revenue.

17. Chartboost: A Gamers’ Paradise

For mobile game developers, Chartboost offers a world of opportunity. This ad network is specifically designed for games, offering interstitial and video ads that integrate seamlessly within the gaming experience. Their unique approach to campaign customization allows developers to create genuine connections with the audience. With direct deals marketplace, developers can maintain control over the partnerships, ensuring that the ads displayed are relevant to their user base.

18. InMobi: Global Reach, Local Insights

InMobi goes beyond conventional advertising by providing insights into local markets, making it an indispensable tool for global reach. Their ad formats are designed with a deep understanding of cultural nuances, ensuring relevancy across diverse geographies. The AI-driven platform analyzes user behavior, providing predictive analytics to drive user acquisition, engagement, and retention strategies. InMobi’s commitment to combating ad fraud and maintaining user privacy sets it apart in terms of reliability and trust.

19. AdAction: Actionable Marketing Insights

AdAction excels where data and performance intersect, offering unparalleled insights into user behavior. Their proprietary attribution and analytics platform provide real-time data, helping advertisers make informed decisions. With a focus on CPA (cost per action), AdAction ensures advertisers pay for ads that meet their specific performance metrics, ensuring a high return on investment.

20. Smaato: Monetizing Mobile Moments

Smaato offers real-time advertising tailored to the publisher’s needs, optimizing each mobile moment. The platform’s extensive network and intelligent algorithms connect advertisers with a global audience, ensuring high fill rates and consistent revenue streams. The real-time competition for inventory guarantees premium prices for publishers. Their rigorous standards for ad quality and user experience make Smaato a preferred choice for discerning developers.

21. Leadbolt: High Engagement, Higher Returns

Leadbolt has carved its niche in the competitive app advertising space with its award-winning ad formats and analytics-driven approach. Their high-performance native ads, interstitials, and rewarded videos offer superior engagement, leading to increased revenues. The platform’s real-time bidding engine ensures that each ad slot is monetized effectively, with detailed analytics to track performance.

22. Airpush: Innovating Mobile Advertising

Airpush is synonymous with innovation, offering advanced formats like Abstract Banners, Multi-Dimensional Banners, and Video Abstracts that transform the mobile advertising experience. With a focus on clean, unobtrusive ads, Airpush provides solutions that respect the user’s space while delivering tangible results. Their comprehensive data management platform offers insights into user preferences, enhancing targeting strategies.

23. Adcash: Your Partner For Web & Mobile Advertising

Adcash operates with a performance-based approach, making it a potent tool for app developers and advertisers alike. Their wide range of ad formats and global reach ensure that your campaigns are viewed by the right audience. The platform’s anti-fraud technology and ad-blocking recovery technology safeguard revenues, ensuring that your investments yield maximum returns.

24. Clickadu: Premium Pop-Under Ad Network

Specializing in pop-under ads, Clickadu is a premium ad network known for its wide reach and high-quality traffic. The platform is designed for efficiency, with quick campaign approvals and real-time statistics. Their SKAdNetwork support for iOS campaigns means advertisers can reach a diverse audience across various operating systems.

25. PropellerAds: Comprehensive Ad Monetization

PropellerAds dominates with its all-encompassing ad monetization solutions. The platform’s AI-driven ad optimization technology ensures that the most relevant and highest-performing ads reach the target audience. With a variety of ad formats and advanced targeting capabilities, PropellerAds empowers publishers to achieve their revenue goals efficiently.

Each of these platforms brings unique strengths to mobile app advertising, offering diverse formats, audience insights, and revenue opportunities. By selecting the right mix of ad networks and staying abreast of the latest trends and technologies, developers can create sustainable revenue models while offering users engaging content and a seamless app experience.


Harnessing the Power of In-App Advertising The realm of in-app advertising is intricate, brimming with potential for developers and publishers aspiring to carve their niche. By harnessing the unique strengths of these top 15 mobile app ad networks and platforms, you can not only optimize your monetization strategies but also enhance user engagement, setting the stage for sustained growth and success in the ever-evolving digital marketplace.

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