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How Long Does It Take to Develop a Mobile App?

October 16, 2023

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Making a mobile app is a lot like building a house. You need a plan, the right tools, and a team. Just like people ask, “How long does it take to build a house?”, many wonder how long it takes to make an app. The answer? It depends on what kind of app you want.

Pre-Development Phase 

Before you start building, you need a plan.

  • Research and market analysis: Think about what people need. What apps are popular? Where does your app fit in? It’s like checking out houses in different neighborhoods before deciding where to build yours.
  • Defining the app’s goals and audience: Decide what your app will do. Is it a game? A tool? Also, think about who will use it. Kids? Adults? This helps in making the app just right.

Design Phase 

This is the fun part! It’s like drawing your dream house.

  • Wireframing and prototyping: Sketch out your app. How will it look? How will things flow? It’s like a blueprint for a house.
  • User interface (UI) and user experience (UX) design: Make your app look good and easy to use. Pick colors, design buttons, and make sure everything feels right.

Development Phase 

Time to build!

  • Front-end and back-end development: The front-end is what we see and touch. The back-end is the behind-the-scenes magic. It’s like the walls and paint (front-end) and the plumbing and wiring (back-end) of a house.
  • Adding third-party services: Some apps connect to Facebook or let you pay for things. This step is about adding those extras.

Testing and Quality Assurance 

Before you show off your new house, you’d check for leaks or broken windows, right? Same with apps.

  • Types of testing: Check every part of your app. Does it work? Is it safe?
  • Fixing problems: If something’s wrong, fix it. This might take a while, depending on the issues.

Deployment and Launch 

Your app is ready. Time to share it with the world!

  • Getting it on app stores: Each app store has rules. Make sure your app fits. Write a catchy description and show off with some cool pictures.
  • Updates and looking after your app: Once it’s out, listen to feedback. Make updates. Keep your app in top shape.

What Affects Development Time? 

Why does one house take three months and another a year? Same with apps.

  • How complex is your app?: A simple app is quicker to make. But if you want lots of features, it’ll take longer.
  • Which phones or tablets will it work on?: Making an app for one kind of phone is faster than making it for all kinds.
  • Who’s making it?: A big, experienced team might be faster. But a smaller or newer team might need more time.

Here Is The Table Showing  Average Time Taken for Each Phase of App Development

Phase Average Duration
Research 2-4 weeks
Design 4-8 weeks
Development 12-24 weeks
Testing 4-6 weeks
Deployment 1-2 weeks

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